Terms and Conditions of Contract

  1. For the purpose of these terms and conditions words shall have the following meaning.
    1. “The company” shall mean Surecare Property Services Limited.
    2. “The customer” shall mean the person or organisation for whom the company agrees to carry out works and supply materials for, or on behalf off.
    3. The engineer or contractor (“The contractor”) means the representative appointed by the company.
  2. In attending call out instructions, the total cost to the customer shall consist of the cost of any materials supplied by the company (to include a nominal trade % on the purchase of such materials) and any amount of time spent by the contractor in carrying out the instructed works (to include all the time spent obtaining any required materials for the customer), charged in accordance with the company relevant hourly rates including any agents fees, with a minimum rate of one hour.
  3. Our contractors endeavour to support with required works on the initial visit but in some instances, we may find on commencement of works unforeseen or further issues require further works and/or additional visits. In these instances we will advise you promptly and advise next steps forming under a separate instruction to the initial call out.
  4. All prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.
  5. Any additional parking charges will apply at local rate if parking or a permit cannot be provided.
  6. Any quoted fee is calculated taking into account the site conditions at the time of quotation. Surecare Property Services Limited reserves the right to alter the fee if site alterations are made or the conditions vary from the time of quoting.
  7. The quoted fee is calculated to be sufficient to complete the agreed work and is not an indication of time required or the number of personnel on site.
  8. All quotations are valid up to one month from the date shown and any alterations should be made in writing and may be subject to further terms and conditions.
  9. Our provided quote may be revised if;
    1. The customer requires any amendment to the scope of works.
    2. If we find on commencement of works any unforeseen issues that were not evident from our initial inspection or from information provided.
    3. If there has been a increase in materials costs following.
  10. Payments are to be strictly received on receipt of invoice and/or day of completion of works unless otherwise agreed with Surecare at the time of booking. Late payments will be subject to late payment fees and interest in accordance with late payment legislation.
  11. Hidden obstructions: We cannot take responsibility for the eventuality of finding hidden obstructions. However, we will endeavour to overcome any problems of this nature as efficiently as possible.
  12. All works are covered by a Third Party Public & Property Liability Insurance. A copy of our insurance can be provided if requested.
  13. We will carry out all specified works in an orderly and competent manner.
  14. The contractors operate under their own Gas Safety registration and Electrical certifications and as such are responsible for any related works and subsequent liability.
  15. All specified measurements are classified as approximate.
  16. Termination of acceptance of quotations can be made at any time but not later than 24 hours before commencement of work, however, the customer shall be liable to pay the company for any time spent, cancellation fees and materials purchased by the company together with the profit that would have been made if the works had been carried out and/or materials supplied in accordance with the instruction, unless otherwise stipulated in the proposal document.
  17. A mobilisation deposit will be required with instructions in excess of £500 and/or as otherwise detailed/notified.
  18. Title to goods supplied by the company to the customer shall be retained by the company and not passed onto the customer until payment is received in full.
    1. The company will have the authority to retake, sell, deal with or dispose of all, any or part of such goods in which the title still remains vested to the company.
    2. For the specified purpose in 18 (a) above the company or any of its representatives or contractors will be entitled at any time, without notice, to enter upon any premises in which goods or any part thereof are installed, stored, kept or are reasonably believed so to be.
    3. Where required the company will seek a court injunction to prevent the customer from disposing of or selling goods.
  19. Unless otherwise notified a job will be deemed approved 3 days after works have been completed.
  20. When we are required to and have arranged to collect keys for access and these are unavailable at time of collection, the customer will be subject to associated call out and/or related hourly charges.
  21. When we have arranged access and the occupant is not there the customer will be subject to a missed appointment charge.
  22. General works are guaranteed for 12 months from date of completion and are for labour only in respect of faulty workmanship. Most materials such as boilers, pumps, radiators and appliances etc come with their own manufactures guarantee and will vary depending on the brand. Following the installation, if a fault is found with an appliance/product this will fall under any warranty offered by the manufacturer, not the company. It is the responsibility of the customer to activate warranties for each product. This should be done within 30 days of the installation or as indicated in the supplied warranty document.
    1. The company will not guarantee any work in respect of blockages in waste and drainage systems etc.
    2. The company will not guarantee any work undertaken on the instruction of the customer or tenants against the written or verbal advise of the engineer.
    3. Works will only carry a full guarantee where all payment has been made in full and will not be held liable or responsible for any damage or defect resulting from work not fully guaranteed or where further works have been recommended and or carried out.
    4. The guarantee will become null and void if the workmanship/appliance completed/supplied by the company is subject to misuse or neglect, repaired, modified or tampered with by anyone other than the company contractor. Where the company carries out works for the customer using any materials supplied by the customer no warranty is given as the merchantability fitness for purpose or otherwise of such materials, the company therefore accepts no liability in respect thereof.
  23. Where works are being undertaken on inferior installations or items over 10 year old, including boilers, no warranty is given in respect of such works. The company accepts no liability in respect of the effectiveness of such works or otherwise.
    1. Where works are being undertaken on a boiler please consider the age and performance of the boiler before proceeding with a boiler repair as we cannot guarantee that a secondary fault will not occur following the initial repair. This is not the fault of the contractor or the company and if this does happen then this cost will be quoted for and charged accordingly.
  24. Terms and conditions and contracts awarded between the company and the customer shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of English law.

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